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At Abigrow, we delve into the intricate world of cocoa trading and shipping, navigating the pathways that connect cocoa farmers, exporters, and the global market. With a keen focus on both physical and terminal markets, we bring you insights into the nuances of cocoa marketing channels, grading practices, and the journey of cocoa beans from farm to port. Explore the fascinating details below to understand how Abigrow stands as a beacon of excellence in the cocoa industry.

Exploring the Cocoa Market Channels

Dive into the intricate world of cocoa trading as we uncover the various channels that shape the movement of cocoa from origin countries to international markets. Discover the nuances of the physical market, where the heart of commodity trading beats, and explore how cocoa beans traverse through different intermediaries before reaching the export port.

From Farm to Port: The Journey of Cocoa Beans

Uncover the fascinating journey of cocoa beans as they make their way from farms to the bustling export ports. Once cocoa beans have been graded and loaded into cargo vessels, they are shipped either in new jute bags or in bulk. ​Learn about the pivotal roles of small traders, wholesalers, and farmers' cooperatives in the cocoa supply chain. Discover the significance of warehousing, grading, and conditioning plants, where quality and moisture control play a vital role in preparing cocoa beans for their global voyage.

Mastering Cocoa Grading: Quality at Its Core

Dive deep into the art and science of cocoa grading, a critical step in ensuring the quality of cocoa beans in the market. Explore the standard practices established by international cocoa trade associations such as the Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd (FCC) and the Cocoa Merchants' Association of America, Inc. (CMAA). Understand the distinctions between Good Fermented (GF), Fair Fermented (FF), and Fair Average Quality (FAQ) cocoa beans, and how these grades impact the market.

Cocoa described as either Good or Fair Fermented are defined by specific quality parameters (not more than 5% defective or 5% slate, not more than 10% defective or 10% slate, respectively) while FAQ is used when GF or FF are not customarily applicable to the origin described.​

These faults are determined by analysis by the ‘cut test’. Such a test involves counting off a given number or weight of cocoa beans, cutting them lengthwise through the middle, and then examining them. Separate counts are made of the number of beans which are mouldy, slaty, insect damaged, germinated or flat.​

Warehouses should have cement and non-flammable floors without cracks and crevices where insects can hide. Ideally, the floor level of the warehouse should be higher than the surrounding land to prevent flooding and to allow water to flow away. ​

In some producing countries, cocoa beans are processed in the conditioning plants, most of them located in port warehouses because of the high moisture level of the beans and a high variance in their quality. Conditioning — either by hand or mechanically — is also used to blend poor quality with good quality beans.​

Efficient Shipping Methods: Bags or Bulk?

Delve into the world of cocoa shipping and explore the advantages of different methods. Understand the benefits of shipping cocoa beans in new jute bags and the growing popularity of bulk shipment methods. Learn about the cost-effectiveness of bulk shipment and the innovative "mega-bulk" approach adopted by major cocoa processors.

In recent years, shipment of cocoa beans in bulk has been growing in popularity because it can be up to one third cheaper than conventional shipment in jute bags.​

Loose cocoa beans are loaded either in shipping containers or directly into the hold of the ship, the so-called “mega-bulk” method. The latter mode is often adopted by larger cocoa processors

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